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Friday, October 7, 2011

It has ben a while.............

As most of you know, Autumn had her surgery June 1st, and since, is doing fantastic! She is eating just about everything, most consistencies, and is doing great! We hardly ever see any choking problems- which was a very minor issue before the surgery. She has also really picked up the drinking. She has never been one for drinking liquids- but now she is really doing better. She will only drink water, but at least she is drinking more. As for talking - she was a little slow at first, which had me worried. Six weeks after surgery, she saw Dr. Ray. He thought that she'd just take off with the words. Well, it took a while- I think the biggest impact on her talking has come from daycare. She graduated to an older class Mid-August and since, she is talking so much more. We cannot always understand her, and pronunciation of some words just don't make sense- but we praise her for trying nonetheless. Tomorrow, gonna try tumbling class. She is still doing great with her gross motor movement. I think she will have fun with it.

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