Our Baby

2 years and counting......

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Immigration renewal.

This has been a very slow week. However, we did get our immigration renewal. I think it came quicker than our fingerprinting appointment. Nonetheless, we are all updated again. The wait continues. I have been asked over and over what the status is on our adoption. Nothing really has changed, we are continuing to wait. It is increasingly difficult to be vulnerable to this process, but I have faith that God has hand picked our child, and she will be known to us soon. In the meantime, I keep the faith, and pray faithfully for the orphans that remain, and those impacted by the latest earthquake in China.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Looking back-

Mike and I are still surviving. I look back at our blog, and it is just amazing how happy we were for a short time over our little girl. We are still trying to understand why this happened to us. I am not sure that we ever will. We are taking comfort in that God has a plan for us, and he still has a perfect child hand picked for us. I know there is a reason that he introduced us to a beautiful little girl in Hunan Province. I miss her, but I take comfort in knowing that she has no idea that there is a family grieving for her. I hope that she grows up to have a wonderful life.
For now, Mike and I are waiting to see what our future holds. I am hopeful that this story will eventually have a happy ending....... please keep us in your prayers.