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2 years and counting......

Monday, June 6, 2011

Cleft Palate Surgery done!

June first Autumn had her cleft palate repaired! She did much better this time in terms of the Emergence Delerium. The nurses did a great job staying on top of the pain medication, she pretty much slept for the first 12 hours. Then it was just cranky and frustrated anytime the nurses came in. Her blood pressure was a little high the first day and over night, but was better when they let us go. Today is post op day 5. Problems and issues- she is not wanting to eat well. She has to have pureed food for 3 weeks - no finger foods, and we have to feed her. I think this has her frustrated. She has shown interest in what we are eating (obviously she can't have it) so we have decided not to eat around her. This just adds to the frustration since sh can't have what we eat. And I have tried to mush up what I am eating- she knows the difference! She is not wanting to drink either. She will take about 3-5 sips per day from her cup= otherwise, we are having to give her liquids with a soft tip syringe. She hates this. We try to do it after she has finished her food in order to somewhat clean her mouth. The other thing she hates is the arm restraints. We are with her all the time, so we can watch her hands. However, naptime and bedtime, she has to have the restaints. I think though that she is getting used to this. It keeps her hands out of her mouth. We have to do this for 2 weeks. She is a finger sucker, so this has been very frustrating for her. But getting better. Lastly, we took her to get her picture made prior to the surgery. She did a wonderful job!